Future Plans


President's Message

Dr. Nicholas NeupauerI am pleased to present to the College Community BC3’s Strategic Plan for 2010 to 2015. This plan describes the actions we will take to achieve and sustain our vision that “BC3 will become a regional institution of higher learning” and be recognized for excellence in teaching and learning, while providing affordable, responsive and innovative programs.In the next five years, we will focus on regional educational opportunities and student success by executing four strategic initiatives. They are: regionalization, beautification, academic development and student centeredness.

To develop this strategic plan, we stressed gathering and analyzing pertinent data from our service region and the College’s diverse stakeholders. The expectation was that the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan would focus on meeting the needs of our diverse stakeholder groups, particularly students, employees, community leaders and alumni. Many of you completed surveys and participated in focus groups. I am delighted to say that your comments and suggestions have been incorporated in the updated mission, vision and goals statements and guided the development of the institutional critical steps in this plan.

As the College takes the critical steps to achieve these initiatives, you are encouraged to make contributions toward achieving the intended outcomes. You can send your suggestions to me or to Dr. Sunday Faseyitan, Dean of Assessment Projects, and we will pass them to the Initiative Committee Chairs.

To those who may be skeptical about the worth of strategic plans, I like to mention that a key driver in our current success was the follow-through of four strategic initiatives created in 2005. They were: enrollment management, expansion, assessment and equipment and facilities master planning. By executing that plan, BC3 reached new heights in excellence with record enrollment figures as it became the Commonwealth’s fastest growing community college during the 2009 to 2010 academic year. We successfully expanded our services to Lawrence County with BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing and Mercer County with BC3 @ LindenPointe; completed a new Student Success Center building and many deferred maintenance projects; and added a few new academic programs.

I urge every BC3 stakeholder, in particular faculty, staff and students, to collaborate in achieving the vision of the College as described in this plan.

Thank you.

Dr. Nicholas C. Neupauer
BC3 President