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Financial Aid -  Federal Progress and Complete Withdraw

In order to receive, or continue to receive, federal financial aid, all students must meet the following requirements.   The federal financial aid programs include Pell Grants, SEOG Grants, Stafford Loans, Federal Work-Study, and ACG Grants.

This policy differs from the College's academic policy and the PHEAA State Grant policy.


What is Financial Aid Progress?

In order to continue to receive federal financial aid, you must be "progressing" towards a degree.  The Department of Education requires the financial aid office to establish both qualitative and quantitative standards that you must meet in order to be eligible for aid.

Our office checks your progress every May for two year Associate Degree programs, and every December and every May for one year Certificate programs.

  Any deficiencies in your progress must be made up at your expense by successfully completeing courses at Butler County Community College.  Once the deficiency is remedied, you must inform the Financial Aid Office that you would like your financial aid reinstated for subsequent periods of enrollment. 

  • Right to appeal-   You have one opportunity to request, in writing, a review of your financial aid eligibility.  The letter, addressed to the Director of Financial Aid, should describe in detail the reason(s) for failure to make satisfactory progress.




Full Time      =     12 or more credits

3/4 Time       =     9-11 credits

1/2 Time       =     6-8 credits

1/4 Time     =      1-5 credits


What Does "Earned"  mean?


Any grade of D or better counts as Earned for meeting the Quantative Standard of financial aid progress.

Any grade of F, W, or I counts as Attempted but not Earned and therefore does not count towards the Quantative Standard for financial aid progress.


What If I Repeat a Class?

Financial Aid may be used to pay for a repeat of a "D" or an "F" grade one time. 

If you repeat a class in the same academic year, the credits only count once toward your financial aid progress.

Maximum Time Frame

Your federal financial aid eligibility is limited to 150% of the published length of your program.  Generally, BC3 Associate Degree programs are about 64 credits in length.  Therefore, a student will be eligible for financial aid up to attaining 96 credits. 

Once you reach the credit limit you are "Out of Financial Aid (OFA)".  To be considered for additional funding beyond the 96 credits, you must complete an appeal form through our office for each academic year.  Appeals are considered on a case by case basis, and once you reace 128 total credits, no further appeal will be granted.


What happens if I Completely Withdrawal?

You may owe money to the college and/or the Department of Education if you completely withdrawal from the college or decide to stop attending your classes.

You must contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your options if you are unable to attend your classes.










Required Credits Earned-Quantative Standard

To make progress, you must earn 75% of the credits you attempted and were paid to take:


If you attempted :

Full-time both semesters

3/4 time both semesters

1/2 time both semesters

1/4 time both semesters

Full-time and 3/4 time

Full-time and 1/2 time

Full-time and 1/4 time

3/4 time and 1/2 time

3/4 time and 1/4 time

1/2 time and 1/4 time

You must earn for the year:

18 credits

14 credits

9 credits

5 credits

16 credits

14 credits

12 credits

12 credits

9 credits

7 credits


One Term Attendance

If you attempted:


3/4 Time

1/2 Time

1/4 Time

You must earn:

9 credits

7 credits

5 credits

3 credits


Minimum Cumulatitve QPA Requirements -Qualtative Standard

How is my GPA Calculated?


Cumulatitve Credits Attempted



36 or more

Cumulatitve Minimum QPA







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Contact Information

Financial Aid Office

Butler County Community College

107 College Drive

Butler PA  16003


phone     724.284.8509

fax        724.287.4961


Federal School Code:  003240


Office Hours

Monday thru Friday

8am - 4pm


Viewing Financial Aid Forms

Many of our forms are .pdf files. 

Adobe Reader free software is required to read and print them.


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