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High School Programming Course Descriptions

American Involvement in Vietnam

HIST 150

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course examines the events which led to the American involvement in Vietnam as well as the war in Vietnam itself and America's prolonged withdrawal. The course will also examine the war's effect on international relations as well as on the home front.

American National Government

POLI 210

3 Credits (3 lecture)

This course is the study of the basic process of National Government: the Congress, the President, and the Judiciary. Other topics covered include federalism, political parties, elections, interest groups, civil liberties, and public policy.


Ancient History

HIST 121

3 Credits (3 lecture)

A survey of the political, social, and cultural development of (a) the Ancient Middle East, (b) Greece, (c) Rome, (d) the Byzantine Empire, (e) the beginnings of Islam, (f) and the early Middle Ages, the course considers Western Heritage from 3000 B.C. to 800 A.D.


Contemporary Social Problems

SOCI 212

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course investigates pressing social issues and alternative solutions offered for their alleviation. Selected problems like suicide, environmental abuse, and sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS will be discussed.

Early United States History

HIST 201

3 Credits (3 lecture)

This course will explore the history of the United States to 1865 covering three basic developments in the United States: foundations, growth, and expansion with accompanying problems. Emphasis will be placed on contributions of the various communities which have contributed to our common ground.

English I

ENGL 101

3 credits (3 lecture)

This initial course in English composition stresses the process of planning, organizing, drafting, and editing multi-paragraph essays. Methods of invention, types of development, and the mechanics of good composition are included as well as discussion on readings.

*Prerequisite: Satisfactory score on college placement test

English II

ENGL 102

3 credits (3 lecture)

The emphasis of this course is upon persuasion, evaluation, research, and writing the research paper. There will be a continuation of careful editing of grammar and sentences. Students will continue the study and writing of thoughtful and organized expositions.

*Prerequisite: ENGL 101

Financial Accounting

ACCT 203

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course is a study of accounting concepts that govern the process of identifying, recording, and reporting accounting information. The analysis of financial information and role of the financial statements in the decision making process is emphasized.

*Prerequisite: Math for student's declared major

General Psychology

PSYC 201

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts and methods of psychology. The course is an introduction to the scientific study of behavior.

History of East Asia

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course will focus upon the history of East Asia from early19th century until the present era covering China, Japan, and Korea. Attention will be given to the internal developments of China, Japan, and Korea as well as the struggles imposed by the relentless challenges of the Western World. The value systems which shaped Chinese, Japanese, and Korean life will be highlighted.

Introduction to Anthropology

3 credits (3 lecture)

The course deals with the origin, diversification, and evolution of humans and their cultures from extinct anthropology: physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology.  A primary focus will be the biological and cultural processes that made human beings unique among living organisms.

Introduction to Art

ARTS 101

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course is a survey of contemporary and past arts intended to develop visual discrimination and appreciation of art forms.

Introduction to Microcomputing

COMP 210

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course introduces students to the Windows environment and to Windows-based applications. Through a hands-on approach, students will achieve a working knowledge of Windows, word processing, and spreadsheets as well as a brief introduction to presentation software.

Introduction to Music

MUSC 101

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course is a study of the elements of music; the history and development of music and musical instruments; the international character of music and the contributions of nations and ethnic groups to the literature of music; and selections from the vast literature of musical compositions for soloists, choruses, and small and large instrumental ensembles.

Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 201

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course involves a presentation of major terms in philosophy; a history of man's thought from ancient times to the present; the contributions of past and modern philosophers; and an examination of pressing social problems of modern man.

Macro Economics

ECON 101 (Principles of Economics-Macro Approach)

3 credits (3 lecture)

Principles of Economics-Macro Approach is a study of the nature and methodology of economics, national income, mixed capitalism and the market economy, money and banking, and economic growth.


BUSN 214

3 credits (3 lecture)

This introductory course in marketing explains the basic concepts in marketing management, including product, distributions, promotion, and price decisions. Special attention is devoted to the marketing of services, special problems of non-business organizations, and the future of marketing.

Managerial Accounting

ACCT 234

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course provides an introduction to accounting within the context of business and business decisions. Students will explore accounting information’s role in the decision-making process and learn how to use accounting information in a variety of management decision situations.

* Prerequisite: ACCT 203.

Micro Economics

ECON 102 (Principles of Economics-Micro Approach)

3 credits (3 lecture)

Principles of Economics—Micro Approach is a basic study of market models: the price system, wage determination, labor sector, foreign economies, and current economic problems.

Modern European History II

HIST 123

3 credits (3 lecture)

In this course students will examine issues and developments connected with Modern European History from 1715-1914. Problems of the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Age of Reaction and Revolution, the Unification of Italy and Germany, and the causes of World War I will be investigated.

Principles of Sociology

SOCI 211

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course is an orientation to the field of sociology dealing generally with our social institutions and their functions.

Recent United States History

HIST 202

3 Credits (3 lecture)

In this course students will explore the social, cultural, and economic growth of America and the political history shaped by these changes. Selected topics including ethnic communities will be emphasized.

Spanish II

SPAN 102

3 credits (3 lecture)

This is a functional course which improves proficiency and expands upon the fundamentals of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in correct and idiomatic Spanish

*Prerequisite: At least two years of high school Spanish earning A's and B's

Spanish III

SPAN 201

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course is a review of the four language fundamentals through both oral and written patterns, drills, and tests. Included in the course will be the study of vocabulary peculiarities and idioms, syntax review with stress on problems in grammar, guided compositions and creative work in both oral and written, and an introduction to Spanish and Latin American literature form the twelfth century to the present.

*Prerequisite: SPAN 102


COMM 201

3 credits (3 lecture)

This course examines the functions and methods in contemporary public speaking through preparation of effectively organized ideas and dynamic verbal interpretation. The student is given opportunities to develop proper speaking habits, effective listening techniques, standards of criticism, and awareness of the ethical responsibilities of a speaker.

Twentieth Century World History

HIST 205

3 credits (3 lecture)

In this course students will analyze such major issues of the Twentieth Century as the causes of World War I, the development of totalitarianism, consequences of World War II, the conflict between America and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and the place of developing nations in the world community.

World Geography

GEOG 101

3 Credits (3 lecture)

This course examines various types of natural environments throughout the world and emphasizes man's adjustment to them. The interrelationships between physical and cultural factors are studied.


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