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Campus Parking


Students must obtain parking permits to park in the lot. Permits can be downloaded here. Bring the completed form and payment to the front desk to obtain a parking pass.


Visitors can park in the designated visitors parking spaces located in the lot.


For more information concerning parking, visit the Campus Police homepage.


Students on campus

Campus Safety

BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing is regulary patrolled by BC3 Campus Police.


Report Criminal Activity

BC3 provides an online Report A Crime Form as a way to report criminal activity on campus.


Go to the BC3 Campus Police Department page and look for the Report A Crime Form on the right side of the page.


Concernted About Someone?

If you hear anyone say they want to hurt themselves or anyone else, or if you are having these feelings yourself, contact the CARE Team.


Our CARE Team Members are here to help you. You can talk to any of our team members and they will check it out. Take action now.


BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing • 2849 West State Street • New Castle, PA • 16101 • 724.658.1938

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