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Dr. Nicholas Neupauer

Convocation Speech Fall 2009




Welcome to the 2009-10 Academic Year.


We have an important agenda this morning. You will hear from me on the State of the College, an update of the College’s Strategic Plan, and a segment on my goals as President. In addition, you will also:


  • Hear from Vice President Hrabosky on an update of the College’s budget.
  • Hear from Michelle Jamieson for a brief word on the College’s Annual Campaign.
  • Participate in a brief Faculty Organization meeting (for members only) following Convocation.
  • Break for lunch at 11:30.
  • And participate in respective Academic Division meetings at 1 p.m.


But before we begin, I would be remiss if I did not mention the recent passing of David “Zeke” Zaludek. If you would, please participate in a brief moment of silence to recognize Zeke. Thank-you.


As we start the new year, the most obvious change on the Main Campus is the New Student Success Center. Although the new 33,900 square foot building will have its official ribbon cutting on 9.9.09, the summer was used to successfully move various offices and divisions into the new facility. Thanks to everyone for making this transition so successful.


Other changes since we last met include: a new classroom in the Social Sciences Building, the near completion of Phase II of the Pioneer Café and completion of the roadway system.


Talking about facilities, the College will continue in a prioritized manner, to renovate and move offices into vacated space. Of course, this plan was mapped out last semester in the College’s retrofit and master planning process.


The need to create additional classroom space on the Main Campus is a priority. This need correlates to unparalleled enrollment growth as a regional institution of higher learning, on our Main Campus and at BC3’s other sites.


Certainly, the most mind-boggling number is the growth at Lawrence Crossing. Our other sites at LindenPointe in Mercer County and Cranberry Township have just about reached maximum capacity for enrollment. To this end, the BC3 Education Foundation has demonstrated a commitment to help further expansion in Mercer County.


  • Work on expansion in Cranberry has centered on participating in the Township’s Town Square or renovating our current location. Thanks to Professor Joe Vaughn who is working with one of his classes to help plan for the possible expansion with architectural renderings.
  • Jim and I will explain the benefit of non-sponsored enrollment growth later.


While enrollment growth certainly has its benefits, it also has its concerns. Foremost among these are:


  • Making sure quality is paramount. Our quality has certainly been validated by various accrediting agencies, but we will have another opportunity to examine quality with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s Periodic Review (5-year report since our visit), which is due in less than two years. Work on this important report and process will begin ASAP.
  • Making sure the College has enough, properly equipped classroom space at all of our locations.
  • Making sure the College has enough full-time staff to accommodate such a surge.
  • But all the while balancing budgetary issues with concerns we face from the Commonwealth and the County as our local sponsor.


As Francie mentioned earlier, we have a number of new employees at the College. To each of them, welcome. I would like to introduce some other organizational changes. I feel each of these changes matches College needs and levels of expertise from those involved. However, these changes also have allowed us to be more cost-effective with personnel dollars.


We continue to monitor the H1N1 virus. We have taken proactive steps such as: hand sanitizer dispensers on each floor of each building, signage in each restroom and making hand sanitizer packets available at such events like Commencement. We have also attended trainings and seminars on the subject. Look for further, as-needed updates throughout the academic year. Thanks to Dr. Patterson for your correspondence with me on this.


Some of you participated this summer with important feedback during the College’s recent review of our mission, goals and development of a new strategic plan. This year’s plan:


  • Allowed for feedback from a variety of stakeholders. These included: students, the community, employees, alumni and the Board of Trustees.
  • Emphasized the need to review the goals and mission, which is carefully examined by accrediting agencies such as Middle States.
  • Allowed us as an institution to take into consideration the ever-changing landscape we face as an institution (i.e. funding source cuts, enrollment growth, new programs, etc.).


President’s Cabinet is currently reviewing the raw data compiled this summer. Afterwards, a review with the College community, Board of Trustees and Foundation Board will take place.


Speaking of reviews, you may recall that last year I discussed the 08-09 Presidential Goals as approved by the Board of Trustees and other Priorities. Among those accomplishments from last year included:


  • The successful grand opening of our Lawrence Crossing location that helped us take another step forward as a regional leader in higher education.
  • Further work is taking place this academic year for the creation of a new Scholars Program.
  • The completion of a short-range, 5-year, 10-year and 20-year master plan for our Main Campus.
  • Our on-line carpooling/BC3 rideshare program continues to flourish, with an estimated 7,554 gallons of gasoline and 188,866 miles traveled saved.
  • A paper-recycling program that will soon be expanded to cover plastic and aluminum recycling.
  • Major upgrades in Campus Safety, including: Emergency Stanchions, a new office for our Police, arming of Police, greater visibility of our Police including bicycle patrols, visits by Police to our off-campus sites, surveillance cameras and a Main Campus public address system. -Our emergency training will continue this year. The next step will include campus testing of our public address system one time per month during activity period. -And campus mock crisis scenarios.


2009-10 President Goals as approved by the Board of Trustees include:


  • Provide leadership and oversight as the College continues to enter into the realm of a regional community college.
  • Provide leadership and oversight as the College continues to enter into the realm of a regional community college.
  • Serve as College’s lead spokesperson, using a variety of media and/or platforms to accomplish this role.
  • Strengthen College as a student-centered, teaching institution.
  • Maintain sound fiscal condition of the College during these unique economic times.


In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you for all you do for BC3. Please know how much I appreciate your dedication to the College.



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