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Dr. Nicholas Neupauer

Student Success Center Groundbreaking Speech




Today is a glorious and historic day at the Butler County Community College.


Welcome to all. As you probably know, I am Nick Neupauer, proud President of BC3.


BC3 has been a vital county asset for over 40 years. Today, we are strategically adding to the "gem on the Oak Hill."


The creation of a Student Success Center will allow the College to create a "one-stop-shop" for student services - something unique in the state of Pennsylvania for community colleges. The importance of such a building cannot be stressed enough.


The convenience, comfort, ease of services and central location are crucial for our students.


In a recent Community College Benchmarking Survey in which the College participated, 38 percent of our student population is first-generation college student - some 8 percent higher than the next closest PA Community College.


I am a firm believer that retention rates and student activities will increase as a result of this venture. Recent data from the national "Achieving the Dream" Lumina Foundation project indicates the same.


Furthermore, this project is crucial in our campus beautification efforts. As we inch closer toward 4,000 credit students per semester, updating our bookstore, space for clubs, campus police, admissions, financial aid, tutoring, registration and Student Affairs are musts.


This new Student Success Center is the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning by a number of people. I would like to take a few moments to acknowledge these individuals.


Thank-you to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for funding half of this project.


Thank-you to the Butler County Board of Commissioners for its financial commitment to this project and the College as a whole. We are indebted to your leadership and commitment to education for the residents of this County.


Thank-you to the Board of Trustees for your support, guidance and foresight in the planning for this project.


Thank-you to the Butler Township Commissioners for your assistance in helping us through the necessary approvals.


Thank-you to Dr. Azari for pushing this project forward as part of the College's facilities master plan.


I also appreciate the fine work of Burt Hill Architects and our internal staff, led by Brian Opitz and Dr. John Kearney.


And the biggest thanks go to our faculty and staff for their commitment to excellence in our student-centered institution.


We hope you enjoy the rest of today's ceremony and can join us tomorrow for our inauguration events.


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