Pathway 2

Building relationships to advance economic development and quality of life.

College Goals

Provide timely, transparent and relevant communication for internal and external audiences.

Community Engagement
Strengthen community connections through economic/workforce development, public safety training, lifelong learning and educational/cultural partnerships.

Strategic Objectives

2.1 Enhance the College’s role in economic development in the communities we serve.

2.2 Enhance the College’s community engagement with a “town and gown” strategy that increases both BC3’s presence in the community and brings community members on campus.

2.3 Develop, in cooperation with business and industry, model apprenticeship training programs.

2.4 Leverage BC3’s role as the community’s college by developing a Leadership Institute.

2.5 Review and revise delivery models for public safety training to provide the required training and address the reduction in Commonwealth funding.

2.6 Develop a communication plan that enables the College to effectively communicate its services, policies, mission and accomplishments.

2.7 Enhance the College’s advisory board process.