Pathway 3

Optimize the use of financial resources and improving infrastructure and operations.

College Goals

College Environment
Maintain a safe, secure, accessible and welcoming environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors at all BC3 sites and locations.

Fiscal Stewardship
Ensure sound fiscal planning, innovative solutions and the pursuit of alternative resources.

Strategic Objectives

3.1 Ensure the College’s continued financial stability through a review of current fiscal practices and the development of new financial strategies that will enable the College to react to abrupt changes.

3.2 Establish and implement a plan for systematically upgrading the facilities and infrastructure.

3.3 Strengthen technology to ensure the College continues to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff.

3.4 Fortify the College’s data security systems to reduce the risk of loss and potential for malicious activities.

3.5 Continue to maintain a safe, secure and welcoming environment at all campus sites.

3.6 Develop and implement an internal financial training and information plan to ensure inclusive budgeting processes.

3.7 Ensure the College’s cost of attendance remains competitive.