Pathway 1

Improving learning, success and completion.

College Goals

Student Success
Provide programs and services that enable diverse students to explore, clarify and achieve educational goals.

Foster active and lifelong learning through innovative and effective teaching strategies.

Strategic Objectives

1.1 Increase incoming new student (freshman, transfer, high school, underrepresented racial/ethnic, non-traditional, guest and fully online) populations.

1.2 Increase credit and noncredit options and delivery formats to meet the needs of our communities and non-traditional aged populations.

1.3 Increase retention rates of new students (first-time full-time freshmen, first-time part-time freshmen, full-time transfers, part-time transfers, underrepresented racial/ethnic groups and by campus location).

1.4 Increase completion rates for students in associate degree programs (focusing on first-time full-time freshmen, underrepresented racial/ethnic groups and all campus locations).

1.5 Increase engagement with academic, career and transfer advising.

1.6 Enhance and support the online learning environment.

1.7 Increase student engagement in experiential and co-curricular learning.

1.8 Enhance and support student-centered teaching and learning.

1.9 Maintain new Program Improvement and Evaluation Process cycle and demonstrate use of results.

1.10 Fully implement, maintain and assess new General Education program and use results to improve student learning.

1.11 Enhance and support developmental education.

1.12 Enhance, support and promote professional development and support for part-time instructors.