Hall of Fame

The Charles W. Dunaway Pioneer Hall of Fame was established in 2015 to recognize individuals who have contributed significantly to the quality and success of Pioneer Athletics.  The Hall of Fame was created to honor former student-athletes, faculty and staff, coaches, and friends who have made outstanding contributions to Pioneer athletics.

Nomination Criteria


  • Considered a minimum of five years after they have completed their athletic eligibility at BC3. Strong consideration will be given to those who have graduated or transferred in good academic standing from BC3.
  • Excelled at one or more sports while at BC3.
  • Represented BC3 in a positive fashion with good character and sportsmanship.
  • Had an outstanding athletic achievement while at BC3.  


  • Considered after a minimum of five years.
  • Brought recognition and honor to BC3 through an outstanding record or significant achievement(s).


  • Must have outstanding achievement(s) during his or her career at BC3.
  • Have displayed outstanding leadership and/or support for any sport(s) sponsored by BC3.  
  • Made unique or outstanding achievements to BC3 Athletics.


  • Have exhibited outstanding support for a BC3 sport(s). 

Hall of Fame Committee

The current BC3 Athletic Director shall be a permanent, nonvoting, member of the Hall of Fame Committee. He or she will appoint other committee members for a committee consisting of at least five members.  

Nomination Process

Nomination forms must be completed and submitted by December 31 of each year. Nomination forms will be submitted to the Athletic Department and then forwarded to the Hall of Fame Committee for selection. BC3 will hold an annual induction ceremony.  

An individual/team must be nominated by someone other than himself or herself. Please attach any supporting documentation that may be pertinent to the selection process.  

Nominees not selected for induction will automatically be considered for a 5 year period. If not selected in that time frame they must be re-nominated.

The recommended number of inductees will be up to three each year.  

Inductees not available to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony may have their induction deferred.

Selection Process

The committee will meet to select inductees for the Hall of Fame during the fall semester of each academic year.


An inducted member of the Hall of Fame may be removed for improper conduct, unethical, or illicit activities or anything that would bring embarrassment to the BC3 Hall of Fame or the community.

Do you know someone who has contributed significantly to the quality and success of Pioneer Athletics? Complete the nomination form and submit it to the BC3 Athletic Department.