BC3 Health & Safety Plan


Butler County Community College

Fall 2021

Butler County Community College (BC3) states as a goal its commitment to maintaining a safe, secure, accessible and welcoming environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors at all BC3 locations.

The BC3 Health and Safety Plan outlines strategies to safely hold in-person instruction, operations, services and activities for the College community with regard to COVID-19. The College will evaluate its Health and Safety Plan and adapt as new information and guidance become available from regulatory agencies.

The BC3 Health and Safety Plan should be followed by the entire College community and by the public at all BC3 locations to support healthy, safe and inclusive learning environments and to mitigate potential risk.

BC3 Health & Safety Plan - Fall 2021 (PDF)
Updated - 3:00 p.m. on 8/17/2021


The College will provide current information on this site and inform students, faculty and staff of updates and developments via collegewide email, social media platforms and BC3’s mass notification system if necessary.

The College has designated a team of individuals to assist in the coordination of health and safety policies and procedures related to COVID-19 under the direction and oversight of the BC3 President’s Cabinet.

For safety-related concerns or to request information related to COVID-19, call 724-287-8711, ext. 8119 or email bc3.covid-19@bc3.edu.

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