Below are frequently used records and registration related forms.  Forms can be submitted by fax, email, or at any BC3 campus  location.  Feel free to contact our office with any questions.

Academic Forgiveness Form

Students who change their programs have the option of transferring D grades to the new program or having D and F credits earned, credits attempted, and grade points placed at “0” by using the
Forgiveness Policy. Options under the Forgiveness Policy are available only after the successful
completion of 15 new credits (2.0 grade point average) in the new program. The student must be enrolled at Butler County Community College to use this opportunity to clear his/her academic record. This may be applied one time. Students are not permitted to repeat the forgiven courses in the future.

  Academic Program Change Form

Complete this form if you are changing your academic program.  An advisor signature is highly recommended for all students changing programs, but is required for students in the Medical Assistant Certificate, Massage Therapy, Nursing, Medical Assistant, Technical Trades-Massage Therapy, and Physical Therapy Programs.

Add/Drop Form

Complete this form if you are adding or dropping courses to your existing schedule.

Address/Contact Change Form

Submit this form to update your address and/or contact information.

Medical Withdrawal Form

Use this form to request a complete withdrawal from all classes at Butler County Community
College for medical reasons.  You will need to submit this form to a Physician for diagnosis and signature.

Registration Form

Complete this form whenever you are initially registering for classes for the semester.