BC3 & Tooling U-SME


Build A Smarter, Safer Workforce

Training from Butler County Community College and Tooling U-SME provides the knowledge and skills needed to create a forward-thinking, safe, and efficient organization. A properly trained workforce can dramatically improve your bottom line through increased productivity, reduced risk, the ability to leverage new technologies, and more. An investment in workforce training is an investment  in your company’s future.

Flexible & Convenient  

Online classes are self-paced, typically taking 60 minutes to complete.  They are easily and conveniently accessible on desktops and laptops,  and on tablets and phones with the Tooling U-SME app.

Online Training Offers:

In-Demand Manufacturing Topics

With over 500 unique training titles across dozens of categories, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.   We’ve created a variety of 10-pack programs in areas needed most by manufacturers.  Each program features 10 classes covering the foundational and critical content that will make the most impact for your organization.  Flexibility in programming allows you to create  your own program or modify one of ours by switching out for another class from the library.

To begin your training program contact:

Maria Chvala
Coordinator of Industrial Safety
724-287-8711 ext. 8355

Kathy Strobel
Coordinator of Business Training
724-287-8711 ext. 8267