Request Materials from Other Libraries


Request Books or Articles


BC3 students and employees may use this form to request books or articles and have them delivered to any of the BC3 locations (Butler, Cranberry, Lawrence Crossing, LindenPointe, Armstrong, or Brockway).

Interlibrary Loan Request is free to BC3 students and employees.

There is a limit of 4  requests per month.  Books or articles not available at the BC3 library will be obtained through interlibrary loan.

Request a Book

Books available at the BC3 library will take a few days to deliver. Books obtained through interlibrary loan will take a little over a week on average.


Request an Article

BC3 students and employees may request up to 4 articles per month. There is no charge for this service. We will email the requested articles to your BC3 email address. Article requests usually are sent within 24 hours.