My Library Account

"My Library"

The BC3 Library Catalog offers a “My Library” feature that makes it possible for a student to

To use this feature of our catalog, you must first create a My Library account and a PIN.

How to Create a “My Library” Account

  1. Access the BC3 Library Catalog
  2. From the BC3 Library Catalog’s menu bar at the top of the screen, select “My Library,” and under that menu select “My Account”
  3. This will bring up the Library Account Login form.  Enter:
    • Name:(as it appears on your student ID card, e.g. john doe)
    • Barcode:(enter the 14 digit barcode number listed on your student ID card, NOT your student ID)
    • PIN: leave the PIN box blank.
    • Click submit.
  4. On the next form that appears
    • Reenter your name and barcode.
    • Leave the first PIN block empty.
    • Enter a new PIN of your choice in the next two boxes.
    • Click Submit.

Make note of your PIN; use it to access your My Library account as long as you are a BC3 student. If you forget your PIN, call the Library at (724) 284-8511 to have it reset.

How to renew a book

Log into your “My Library” account. A list of the books that you have checked out will appear. Click the box(es) under the “Renew” column, and then click on the Renew button.

How to place a hold on a book currently checked out to another patron

 We will contact you when the book is returned and available for checkout. 

How to have a book sent to an off-campus site

Follow the procedure detailed above under “How to Place a hold…” Be especially attentive to choosing the campus location where the item is to be sent (BC3 @ Cranberry, BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing, BC3 @ LindenPointe or BC3 @ Brockway).