One Button Studio at BC3


Located in the Digital Media Room (LC 230, Upper Level) of the  Heaton Family Learning Commons at BC3 Main Campus.

One Button Studio Collage

The One Button Studio at BC3 is a user-friendly video recording studio that requires no prior video production training or experience. The simple design of the studio allows students, faculty and staff to create high-quality and polished video projects with just a USB flash drive and the simple push of a button. Completed recordings are automatically saved to your flash drive in the widely compatible MP4 format, and can be easily uploaded to your YouTube channel or other video-sharing account.

A video-editing station is now available in the Heaton Family Learning Commons.  The editing station is a large-screen Apple iMac with editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X, and MainStage.  Stop at the Technology Help Desk to request access!

 Hours of Operation


Monday Through Thursday:

8:30am - 3:30pm

The One Button Studio is closed on days that BC3 Campuses are closed or during campus delays.


Reservations are highly recommended.  Students, faculty and staff are welcome to the use the Studio at any time if it is not reserved, but must be mindful of the time and any upcoming reservations. Walk-ins will be logged in to the reservation system for security and tracking purposes.



Make a Reservation

The One Button Studio can be reserved in one-hour intervals.

Reserve Online:

Reserve In Person:
BC3 Technology Help Desk
(Upper Level, Heaton Family Learning Commons, Main Campus)

Reserve By Phone:
Local:  724.287.8711 Ext. 8523
Toll Free:  1.888.826.2829 Ext. 8523

 One Button Studio

How-To Use the One Button Studio

  1. Insert a USB Flash Drive.
    (The studio lights will automatically turn on!)

  2. Press the big silver button to start the recording.

  3. Quickly get into place during the 5-second countdown!  Begin speaking while looking at the video camera directly in front of you.

  4. When finished, return to the podium and push the big silver button to stop the recording.

  5. After the file saves, remove the flash drive.
    (The studio lights will automatically turn off!)

  6. That's it.  You're done!  Take your finished project to a PC to edit or upload to your favorite video-sharing account.

Detailed instructions are available and are posted on the wall in the One Button Studio.

For a general overview of how to use the One Button Studio, please view this video, courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University:

PLEASE NOTE: This video was scripted and filmed at Penn State University. The One Button Studio @ BC3 is very similar in equipment and functionality, but might not look exactly like what is shown in the video. BC3-specific documentation is in the process of being developed.


Things to Know

  • Schedule an Orientation to the One Button Studio:  Although using the One Button Studio is very easy, it is recommended all first-time users schedule a hands-on orientation to the One Button Studio. Please visit the Technology Help Desk or call 1.888.826.2829 Ext. 8523 to schedule your orientation!


  • Bring a USB flash drive. Users must remember to bring a USB flash drive to record, save, and transport their video project. Although the minimum required space on the flash drive is 500 MB, a 3 GB or larger drive is recommended. You can purchase USB flash drives on campus at the BC3 Bookstore.
    • Check to make sure your flash drive is big enough. You will want to make sure you have enough space on your flash drive for the project you have in mind. Keep in mind, a 25 minute recording will consume approximately 1 GB on the flash drive. Be sure to have enough space available for a couple of practice runs!


    • Flash drives must be FAT32-formatted (not NTFS). Most newly purchased flash drives will come standard formatted in FAT32. Stop by the BC3 Technology Help Desk if you need instructions for formatting your drive.


  • Dress Appropriately.  Try to dress to match the mood and purpose of your recording. Some colors and patterns may not be flattering and may not transfer well on a recording. If you are planning to use the green or blue screen for post-editing, do not wear clothing of that color or your body will "disappear" in your recording.


  • Come Prepared.  Have a script written and printed, or bring with you a fully-developed presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.) saved on a flash drive (separate from the one you will use for your recording) or to your BC3 network drive. Your presentation can be used as a script on the PC in front of you.


  • Bring Props! You may bring with you presentation tools such as a whiteboard, flip charts, maps, etc. Or, make your video fun by bringing props and musical instruments, or by wearing a costume. Keep in mind, the room is only 7 ft. wide by 14 ft. long and the area of recording is much smaller. Don't bring anything too large with you.


  • Consider Bringing a Partner.  Although not necessary, you may want to bring a partner with you when using the One Button Studio. Having a partner to help start and stop your recording for you will save you valuable time when the Studio is in high-demand, and will eliminate your steps back to the computer from being caught on the tail end of your video.


A few notes of importance:

  • Some conditions beyond our control may affect recording. The One Button Studio is outfitted with a very sensitive, professional microphone. It has been found to pick up some ambient noise and random sounds at times from within the Heaton Family Learning Commons, such as the pitter-patter of a heavy rain on the roof and doors closing nearby. If this occurs and you are not satisfied with your recording, you may try recording again (if time permits) or reschedule your appointment to use the Studio at another time.


  • An Apple iMac video editing station is now available in the Heaton Family Learning Commons. Users can also take their flash drive with the completed MP4 recordings home and use their own video editing software for editing purposes.
 Clapper Board

What might you record?

The possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas:

  • Speeches
  • Presentations/Lectures
  • Personal Introductions
  • Video Resumes
  • Promotional Videos
  • Pitch/Marketing Videos
  • Interviews
  • Theater Skits/Puppetry
  • Musical/Talent Performances
  • Product/Skill Demonstrations

You may view more examples of One Button Studio recordings, courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University, at:

PLEASE NOTE: This video was scripted and filmed at Penn State University. The 'Lightboard' option shown on the website above is currently not available at BC3.


Need Help?

Please contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance with the One Button Studio at BC3.

BC3 would like to send a sincere thank you to The Pennsylvania State University and the PSU Media Commons for sharing the concept and resources for the design, setup, and technical support of the One Button Studio at BC3.