Veterans Benefits

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The information provided on this site is intended to assist students in utilizing available veterans benefits for their time at BC3.

Veteran Information Book

Veterans are encouraged to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs for the most current information especially with questions regarding payment. The phone number for the Department of Veterans Affairs is 1.888.442.4551.

Please note


GI Bill checks are sent directly to the student electronically or by check, not the college. Chapter 30, Chapter 1607 (REAP) and Chapter 1606 veterans must verify their enrollment on the last day of each month enrolled before the next GI Bill payment is issued. You can verify your enrollment in the following ways:

  • Phone in your enrollment information 1-877-823-2378
  • Verify via website, then click on WAVE


Contact Information

Government Websites

Military Websites

Phone Numbers

VA Education: 1-888-442-4551

VA Benefits: 1-800-827-1000 (home loans, disability, medical care, burial, life insurance)

Monthly Enrollment Verification: 1-877-823-2378

Start, stop, or change Direct Deposit:1-877-838-2778

Vocational Rehabilitation: 1-412-395-6073

Life Insurance: 1-800-669-8477

Health Care Benefits: 1-877-222-8387

Gulf War/Agent Orange Help: 1-800-749-8387

P.O. Box 65023 
Denver, CO 80206-9023