Tuition & Fees


In addition to the tuition and fees estimate, students should allow for commuting costs, clothing, food, and other personal expenses.

Tuition & Fees - 2016-2017

  * Subject to change    


Full Time Rate:
12-17 Credits 

Residents of Butler County

Tuition $104 $1,560
Comprehensive Fee $49 $49 Per Credit
Total $153 $1,560 + $49 Per Credit

All other Pennsylvania Residents

Tuition $208 $3,120
Comprehensive Fee $49 $49 Per Credit
Total $257 $3,120 + $49 Per Credit

Out-of-State or International Student

Tuition $312 $4,680
Comprehensive Fee $49 $49 Per Credit
Total $361 $4,680 + $49 Per Credit

Online Courses

Additional Cost Per Credit $25  

Books and Supplies

Estimate for One Semester $650  

Lab Fees

For Lab Courses Only Per Course $35  
BC3 has adopted a full-time tuition rate. The full-time tuition rate is a flat rate for students taking 12-17 credits. Fees will remain on a per credit basis. For more information about the full-time tuition rate, visit
The Director of Records and Registration can determine county, state, and participating district residency at the time of registration.  In addition to the costs listed above, students should allow for commuting costs, clothing, food, and other personal expenses.
* Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. Fees for other services (such as testing, transcripts, graduation, and noncredit courses) will continue to be set by the administration. Contact the Admissions Office for up-to-date costs.

Testing & Identity Verification

In compliance with federal regulations (34 CFR 602.17(g)), online instructors shall require students who participate in such classes and/or take exams to verify their identity by using a secure login, a pass code, a webcam, and a microphone; or to take proctored exams.

Students may be required to have photo identification for proctored examinations, which may include video and audio recording with consent of the student. In addition, new or other technologies and practices to assist in verifying student identity may be utilized.

Additional costs for proctoring services or use of other technologies and practices may apply and notice of such costs will be provided to students at the time of registration. Costs may vary.


2016-2017 Cost of Attendance 

  Butler County Residents   All Other Counties in PA Residents   Out of State Residents
  Commuter Off-Campus Commuter Off-Campus Commuter Off-Campus
Tuition 3090 3090 6180 6180 9270 9270
Room & Board 1400 3200 1400 3200 1400 3200
Books & Supplies 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300 1300
Transportation 850 850 850 850 850 850
Personal 600 600 600 600 600 600
BC3 Fees 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470
TOTALS 8710 10510 11800 13600 14890 16690

Budgets are based on full-time, full year enrollment

Medical students receive an additional $400 in supplies due to increased expenses

Loan recipients receive an additional $50 to cover loan fees charged by the servicer

*Commuter - Living at home with parents, or being provided room and board without charge

*Off-Campus - Living in your own home

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependents utilizing Veterans Benefits may be eligible for In-county tuition rates. Please contact the Veterans Coordinator at 724.287.8711 x8335 for more information.

Summer Budget

Summer budgets are based on two months of Cost of Attendance.


BC3 EZ Pay

The BC3 EZ-PAY Payment Plan program is designed to make the College's quality education even more accessible and affordable to our students. Find out how to enroll in a payment plan that meets your financial needs.

BC3 EZ Refund

Have your refund direct deposited to your checking or savings account through the BC3 EZ Refund.


Net Price Calculator

BC3 offers this financial aid calculator for estimating costs and aid. There are many factors that determine your financial aid and this calculator is merely for estimating purposes.

This is a financial aid estimate only and not a guarantee of financial aid to be received. The actual financial aid awards may vary after students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at