BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing

BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing offers a variety of programs to prepare you for a career or transfer to a four-year institution.

Fall 2019

Enrollment is currently OPEN. 


Session 1 and Session 2 may be available in the classroom, as a hybrid, online, and/or via iTV. Sessions that are shorter in length may have the same requirements/expectations as a full term course.

Fast Tracks

Fast Track courses run for 5 weeks and are available online only. Courses may have the same requirements/expectations as a full term course, but condensed to 5-weeks. It is strongly recommended that only one fast track course is taken at a time as the workload is concentrated.

Programs and Certificates

Earn an associate degree at BC3 @ Lawrence Crossing in one of the following programs:

Career Programs

Earn a 2-year associate degree and develop the professional and technical skills necessary to start a career upon graduation.

Transfer Programs

Transfer BC3 credits to earn a bachelor's degree. BC3 credits are recognized by public, private, and online 4-year colleges and universities.

* Students who complete a degree in one of these programs can transfer to any Pennsylvania state institution with junior standing.

~ Courses only. Nursing, R.N. degree available on Main Campus.

Certificate Programs

In just 1 year, earn a credential by building an expanding your knowledge within a field.