Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about tutoring?

Tutoring at BC3 is

  • FREE to students enrolled in credit courses.
  • Offered at all BC3 campuses and online.
  • Available as online or in-person (limited) tutoring.
  • Scheduled when the student submits a tutoring application.

How will tutoring help me?

Tutoring will help you to

  • Study effectively.
  • Understand course material.
  • Conquer test anxiety.
  • Create organized, helpful class notes.
  • Efficiently manage your time.
  • Enhance your confidence.
  • Draft strong essays and research papers.
  • SUCCEED at BC3!

Does tutoring work?

YES, tutoring works!
  • 90% of the over 700 classes for which students requested tutoring this past fall& spring were passed!

 What options are available?

  • In-person or remotely by appointment on a regular basis (weekly).
  • As needed, depending on student/tutor availability.
    • As needed tutoring cannot be used as a proofreading service.

 How do I apply?

You can apply

  • Anytime throughout the semester, but applying sooner rather than later is best!
  • In person in the ACE in the Student Success Center on BC3 Main Campus or at the front desk of your off-campus center.
  • Online: Sign up for a tutor on your computer!

When you apply you are required to

  • Provide your 7 digit student ID number on the tutoring application.
  • Have an active student email so that we can contact you and you and your assigned tutor can contact each other.

 Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are

  • Knowledgeable, student-centered individuals with outstanding credentials.
  • Academically successful BC3 students who meet required qualifications.
  • Phi Theta Kappa members.
  • BC3 part-time faculty, staff, and alumni. 
  • Accomplished professionals from the community.

 Can I be a tutor?

You can be a tutor if you

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