Community Leadership Initiative

Butler County Community College is an educator and convener for community partners seeking to revitalize the downtown district. 

As part of BC3’s Strategic Plan, the college has established the office of Community Leadership Initiatives in downtown Butler.

The move specifically follows strategic plan objectives that are underway, such as the promotion of service to nonprofit organizations among BC3 employees, an Opioid Initiative, increasing the number of noncredit Lifelong Learning course in the city, and new Workforce Development programming to support downtown businesses and community.

 BC3 has opened a second-floor office at the Alliance for Nonprofit Resources, located at 127 South Main Street in Butler, PA.

Reset Your Brain: A Revolutionary Approach to Opioid Addiction & Recovery

Hope is Dope Initiative

Hope is Dope offers a fresh and optimistic approach to healing. Using science and easily understood analogies from the text “Hope is Dope” by Steve Treu, this initiative provides insights into an alternative treatment plan that offers a clear pathway to recovery.

Hope is Dope is offered in a 3-week session as our community series for anyone who would like to learn more, as a professional training for agencies and organizations in which CEU's are offered, and is also available in a more in-depth, 10-week program for those who are actively seeking recovery.

Hope Nights are free events open to the public aimed at bringing those in recovery and those supportive of recovery together for an evening of fun.

As you can see, this inspiring opioid initiative is offered to the community in a variety of ways. The professionals training is offered at least once a year but can be scheduled privately. And the Community Series  are educational classes that run several times a year and are free open to the public. BC3's monthly “Hope Nights” at the local Art Center are fun, endorphin-producing activities meant to bring the whole community together."

For more information contact our office or view our opioid initiative web page

New Eyes: A Unifying Vision of Science and Spirituality

The world is not what we think it is! Science and spirituality have long been considered to be in conflict with each other, but it is becoming clear that the two disciplines are not mutually exclusive — they are merely different 'languages' that explain the same thing.

Amazing new advances in science over the past century have gone largely unnoticed by the mainstream, including the probability that we are living in a holographic universe and that invisible energy fields are extremely influential in guiding our thoughts and behaviors.

New Eyes links the brilliant findings of the world's greatest scientists (Einstein, Planck, Bohr, Susskind, etc.) together with the insights of the world's greatest spiritual leaders (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, etc.) in simple terms.