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Outstanding Success

The PassPraxis program offers individualized support through online tutoring. Participants meet virtually with one of our highly qualified tutors, while also receiving access to our specifically-selected materials for the duration of their agreement.

  • Praxis Core Exams
  • PECT PreK-4
  • PECT Special ED PreK-8
  • Special Education: Foundational Knowledge 5355
  • Physics: Content Knowledge 5265
  • Praxis PA Middle Level 4-8 ALL Exams
  • Praxis Middle School – All Subject Areas
  • Praxis Fundamental Subjects Content Knowledge 5511
  • Praxis Elementary Education Multiple Subjects 5001
  • Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge 5165
  • Praxis English Language Arts 5038
  • Praxis Social Studies Content Knowledge 5081
  • Praxis II Chemistry: Content Knowledge 5245


How It Works

Tutoring sessions occur virtually using platforms such as Skype, GoToMeeting and FaceTime. We work with students all over the United States. Our tutors are professionals in the field of education who have taken the exams that participants are preparing to attempt! As a team, we have developed our own curriculum and and course materials. Our tutors work with participants to develop a personalized plan with specifically selected materials to help you find success!

Participants have access to our resources including videos, articles and practice exams throughout the length of their tutoring agreement.


We recommend registering 3-4 weeks prior to the exam date.


$261 for five hours


Contract agreements last 6-weeks and include 5 one-hour tutoring sessions.

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Annie Lindsay, Program Director 
724.287.8711, ext. 8201

Participant Testimonials

Join countless others who have committed to passing their exams with the help of PassPraxis classes and tutoring!

"I've never been so excited to take exams in my life! I know it has something to do directly with my Butler Community College tutor. They can quote me on this!" - Taiye Oladapo, after passing her first of three PECT Exams!
"The program and its employees truly care about making sure they are choosing the appropriate prep resources for the test you need. My tutor was wonderful and I passed my PECT PreK-4 Module 3 today, scoring 65 points higher than my last attempt!" - Laura Faro, Illinois State University
"I have recommended this program to my friends who are thinking about adding grades 5 and 6 to their certification. My tutor helped me pass and was great explaining concepts that I struggled with in more than one way." - Jill Shumaker, Youngstown State University