Distance Education

Complete programs and take classes online! BC3 offers virtual associate degree programs and virtual certificate programs. BC3 also offers online and hybrid courses that work around your schedule. 


Formats and Requirements


Instruction is delivered only online and is accessible at any time. 


Instruction is delivered online and includes at least four in-person or ITV live-remote classes on scheduled days and times.

ITV Live-Remote

Instruction is delivered through video- and/or web-conferencing technology on scheduled days and times. 

ITV Classroom 

Instruction is delivered simultaneously to separate BC3 locations through video- and/or web-conferencing technology on scheduled days and times.  

Note: Not all BC3 credit classes are offered in the online, hybrid or ITV formats. 

Distance Education classes follow the same start date, end date, midterm and final exam schedule as all BC3 classes (unless otherwise noted) and have set deadlines for assignments and testing


Students wishing to take Virtual Programs or Online Courses must first APPLY TO BC3.  

For out-of-state students:  Due to State Authorization regulations, students residing in states other than Pennsylvania should first review the STATE AUTHORIZATION page for a list of the states and territories for which BC3 is approved to offer Distance Education. 

Out-of-state students looking to enroll in courses or programs that customarily lead to licensure and/or certification should first review the PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE INFORMATION page.


Registration for Distance Education courses is the same as traditional courses.  For more information, please visit the REGISTRATION page.

NOTE:  Completion of the MyBC3 Orientation is required for ALL students taking their first online or hybrid class at BC3. More information is provided below.

Tuition and Fees

Students taking an online or hybrid courses will pay BC3 tuition and fees, plus an additional fee per credit hour.  Please see TUITION AND FEES for current rates.

Additional Course Materials

Online and hybrid courses may have additional costs for course-specific materials and supplies, web-based services, online access codes, software, at-home lab kits, etc.  Specific items required will be listed on the College's online BOOKSTORE and on the instructor's course outline. Costs may vary.

MyBC3 Technology Orientation

The MyBC3 Technology Orientation is required for all students enrolled in online, hybrid or ITV live-remote courses and is highly recommended for those taking in-person and ITV classroom courses.

This self-paced, online orientation introduces you to the technology used to deliver instruction online and to support resources.

After enrolling in a credit course, you will see the MyBC3 Technology Orientation appear in the “My Courses” area in Blackboard.  Please be sure to complete the MyBC3 Technology Orientation before the first day of class.

Please note:  Students enrolled in in-person or iTV courses may also be required to complete this orientation by their instructor.  It is highly suggested that ALL students complete this orientation prior to the start of their first semester at BC3. 

Completion of the MyBC3 Technology Orientation will be noted on the student’s academic record, and they will not be asked to complete this orientation again while studying at BC3.  There is no tuition or fees associated with the orientation, it holds no credit value and does not count towards the calculation of GPA.

Skills and Abilities

Students enrolled in an online or hybrid course are expected to have basic computing, word-processing, reading and comprehension skills and experience using the Internet and email. 

Students new to distance education can take the "Is online learning right for me?" self-assessment located on the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

Computer Access
  • Students enrolled in an online or hybrid class are expected to have regular and unrestricted access to an up-to-date computer system (Windows or Mac). Unrestricted access means the student has the permission, rights, and ability to install software and plug-ins on the computer's hard drive.

  • Campus computer labs are available for all students to complete classwork; however, these labs are run on a virtual thin-client environment.  Some class-specific software and web-based applications may not run in the virtual thin-client environment and/or installation of the application on a virtual server may not be permitted by the software manufacturer, for example, QuickBooks®.

  • Students must have access to a broadband Internet connection (cable, DSL, T1/LAN).  A dial-up connection is not recommended.  Wireless (WiFi) connections are not recommended when taking an online quiz/exam.  

  • Mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) and some Internet browsers may not be compatible.  

  • A webcam and microphone are required for all online classes, and may be required for hybrid classes.

  • Additional purchase of class-specific software, test proctoring services, and publisher access codes may be required.  

 For more information, please visit the PERSONAL COMPUTER SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS page.

Online Testing & Student Identity Verification Guidelines

BC3 complies with the federal Student Identity Verification regulation (34 CFR 602.17(g)), wherein an institution of higher education is required to have processes in place through which the institution establishes that a student who registers in any course offered via distance education or correspondence is the same student who academically engages in the course or program.

  1. Students enrolled in classes delivered via distance education may be required by their instructors to show their BC3 student ID or a valid government-issued ID, use a webcam and microphone, and/or take proctored examinations, which may include video and audio recording with consent of the student. In addition, new or other technologies and practices to assist in verifying student identity may be utilized.
  2. All methods of verifying student identity in distance education must protect the privacy of student information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and any other applicable laws or regulations regarding the confidentiality of personally identifiable information.
  3. Additional costs for proctoring services or use of other technologies and practices may apply. Costs may vary. Students will be notified of any additional costs related to student identity verification on or before the first day of class via the instructor's Course Outline and/or the Course Materials page on the College's  BOOKSTORE  website.

A man sitting at his desk on the phone with a help desk representative

Need Help? 

BC3's Technology Help Desk is a support center for students, faculty and staff for all questions or problems regarding BC3 authorized educational technology products and software, campus computers, phones and more.