MyBC3 Technology Orientation

MyBC3 Technology Orientation

The MyBC3 Technology Orientation is a free, self-paced and fully-online course that introduces students to the instructional technologies used and resources available to students at BC3.   ALL students must complete this orientation prior to the start of their first semester at BC3.

The estimated time to complete the MyBC3 Technology Orientation is:  2 hours.


Recommended Home Technology

If you will not be on-campus and will be working on your coursework from a remote location, you will want to be sure to have access to:

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for accessing most BC3 technologies.

Go to Personal Computer System Requirements for additional information.

On-Campus Computer and Hotspot (Wi-Fi) Access

Each BC3 campus location has one or more computer labs available for student use.   

The BC3-Student Hotspot (Wi-Fi) can be accessed across campuses by students using their own devices.  

*If you do not have access to a computer or other required technologies and can't utilize on-campus tech, please contact the BC3 Technology Help Desk.  A limited computer loan program is available!


Pioneer Tips imageTechnology Tips for BC3 Students


Need Help?

The BC3 Technology Help Desk is the support center for students for all questions and/or problems with BC3 authorized educational technology products and software, BC3 campus computers and/or phone related issues, the MyBC3 Technology Orientation, and more.  

For more information and current service hours, please visit:


Phone (Toll-Free): 1.888.826.2829 Ext. 8441

Physical Location: Heaton Family Learning Commons, Upper Level (Main Campus)