College Within the High School Admission

High School Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors... Take college level classes at your high school!

You can earn transferable college credits by taking college classes at your high school!

Classes run for 15 weeks and are scheduled before, during, or after the school day or on Saturday. Syllabi and instructional materials are the same as classes taught at BC3.

If your high school offers the program and you have the following cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), you qualify for CWHS:

Steps to enroll

  1. Check with your guidance counselor or career and technology center to see if your high school offers the CWHS program.
  2. Complete a CWHS application and registration form available at your high school or career and technology center. Returning students who have already applied only need to complete a registration form.

*Students must obtain approval from BC3 and the school district to participate.

Student Testimonials

"I love that I have the opportunity to take these classes in high school because it allows me to complete college classes at a reasonable price now, rather than spending more time in college paying full tuition." -Erin N. ’17 Mars High School

“The College Within the High School classes have helped me experience what college courses are like and I will recommend them to anyone considering college.” -Mitchell H. ’17 Keystone High School

"This system is very useful to any students, regardless of post high school plans and I appreciate it.  I feel like I am getting a huge advantage over those who don’t take this course." -Austin P. ’17 Portersville Christian Academy

“I enjoy these classes because I am earning credits to shorten my college career.” -Lexi C. ’16 Mercer E-Academy


Participating Schools