College Within the High School Admission

Jump start your college career right in your high school! 

As a College Within the High School student, you are able to take courses from a selection that are offered at your participating high school. Courses run for 15-weeks and take place during your regular school day hours. They adhere to the same course descriptions and deliver the same content as those on the BC3 campus.

GPA Requirements

Steps to Enroll

To enroll in the College Within the High School program, please check with your guidance counselor at your high school to see what your school offers. 

Fill out an application and registration form, available at your high school. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the BC3 High School Programming office.

Participating High Schools

    • Armstrong High School
    • Brockway Area Junior High School
    • Butler Area Senior High School
    • DuBois Central Catholic
    • Farrell Area High School
    • Karns City High School
    • Keystone Junior Senior High School
    • Lawrence County Career and Technical Center
    • Lenape Area Vocational-Technical School
    • Lincoln High School
    • Mars Area High School
    • Mohawk High School
    • Portersville Christian School
    • Reynolds High School
    • Seneca Valley High School
    • Summit Academy
    • Union Area Middle/High School (New Castle)

Tuition & Fees

Butler County Schools
*Per Credit

Tuition* $125
Fees $30
Total $405

Out-of-County Schools
*Per Credit

Tuition* $133
Fees $30
Total $429


Student Testimonials

Portrait of high school programming student

“It is a major opportunity toward my future career, being prepared and a smart financial choice.”  

– Amorae Waters, Union Area Middle-High School, Lawrence County (Fall 2019)


Portrait of high school programming student

“I wanted the experience and challenge of being enrolled in college-level classes.” 

— Nabil Lahlou, Mars Area High School, Butler County (Fall 2019)


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