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Student Clubs and Organizations provide the opportunity to share interests, make friends, and have fun. Do what you love, try something new, and show off your skills! Student Services supports student clubs and organizations as an active part of the campus and the community. Enhance your college experience by participating!

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Student Clubs

Archery Club

Computer Programming Club

Christians on Campus

  • Our mission is to engage students in the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Advisor: Karen Riethmiller 724.287.8711 x8289

Early Childhood Education Club

  • The purpose of this club is to support and promote the involvement of BC3 students in campus and community service activities for families and children within our community.

    Advisor: Judith Wadding 724.287.8711 x8375

Esports Club

Gaming Club

Gay-Straight Alliance

  • The purpose of this club is to help celebrate and promote diversity with the hope to unite the community with education, create a dialogue promoting human rights and create appreciation and celebration of diversity.

    Advisor: Mike Dittman 724.287.8711 x8251

Guitar Club

  • The purpose of the BC3 Guitar Club is to explore technology as we inspire guitar enthusiasts by building, playing and repairing guitars. membership is open to all interested BC3 students. 724-287-8711 x

    Advisor: John Chos 724.287.8711 ext. 8848

History Club

Hospitality Management Club

  • The Hospitality Club provides hospitality students at BC3 with hands on learning and application of theories taught in the classroom. 724-287-8711 x8037

    Advisor: Jennifer Tayler 724.287.8711 ext. 8037

Make-Up Artistry Club

Nursing Club

  • The purpose of the Nursing Club is to promote learning of nursing club members and foster community projects in the form of service learning.
  • Advisors:

Physical Therapist Assistants

  • The PTA club is only for students who have been accepted in the PTA program. Students participate community service projects and fund-raising for funds their pinning ceremony.

    Advisor: Ashlee Esplen 724.287.8711 x8381

Pioneer Players (Theater)

  • The Pioneer Players is a theater group. it works with the Theater director to promote theater events and provides opportunity for student to become involved in on campus productions.

    Advisor: Mike Beck 724.287.8711 ext. 8359

Social Work Club

  • The Social Work Club is dedicated to unite BC3 students who interested in being active participants in providing services to the community while fostering student learning.
  • Advisors:

Student Republicans

Student Peer Support Recovery

Writers' Club

  • The purpose of the BC3 Writers' Club is to recognize and improve the writing skills of its members, while fostering cultural enjoyment, leadership skills, artistic diversity and personal confidence.

    Advisor: Mike Dittman 724.287.8711 x8251


Student Organizations

BC3 Leadership Council

  • The Purpose of BC3 Leadership Council is to represent the student body and student clubs/organizations of BC3 through a system of responsible self-government and providing appropriate responses to student issues and related problems. The Council also promotes student activities that enhance service learning through social, cultural, service, and other student interests.
    Advisor: Sherri Osborne 724.287.8711 x8448

Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society)

Student Veterans Club

  • Inform Veterans' and those receiving benefits of their rights. Be an advocate for it's members. Provide support for student veterans. Provide support for the community through selfless service.


The Cube (Student Newspaper)

Student Ambassadors

  • The Student Ambassador Program is coordinated by the Admissions Office at the Main Campus. We’re looking for leaders to be the “face of BC3” assisting with recruitment events, presentations, and campus tours. BC3 Student Ambassadors should be prepared, punctual, enthusiastic, responsible, and flexible. They are an important part of the Admissions Team and often directly impact the prospective student’s decision to attend BC3.


    • $150 per semester
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Enhance your resume


    • 2.8 GPA
    • At least 12 credits taken at BC3 in college level coursework (preferred)
    • Be a full-time student both fall and spring semester (preferred)
    • Provide 4 hours of availability per week for campus tours if scheduled
    • Attend recruitment events + participate in training

    Questions? Please contact Suzanne Wasilewski 724.287.8711 x8344 or

    Interested? Complete this form.

FACETS Magazine

  • The FACETS Committee is proud to announce that we are now accepting submissions of prose, poetry, essays, artwork, and photography from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. These submissions will be considered for publication in the upcoming 2016 issue of FACETS

    For the past eighteen years FACETS has been a national award-winning, juried publication. We need your work to help carry on this tradition.

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