Choosing a Major

I remember my sixth grade teacher asking everyone in the class to write down what they wanted to do when finished with high school. Most of the answers were pretty predictable:

and so on, but I and most of my classmates ended up doing something completely different than we envisioned. In today’s rapid fire, stress-filled world many of you heading for college are daunted by the prospect of having to choose your life’s direction by selecting a major. But don’t get too worked up about making a career choice as soon as you set-foot on campus. According to, 80% of all college students change majors as many as three times before graduation and doing so does not usually affect the time it takes to graduate.

The question remains however, “What can I do to help me find a college major that’s right for me?” One great way to start is by taking courses that have some kind of appeal for you, something that inspires you or gets you motivated. Read your college catalog. You’ll get to know what’s available and what classes might be a good fit for your interests. Ask your advisor or perhaps your professors for advice about your educational goals. Challenge yourself a bit. Take a class that you really never planned on getting into. You might be surprised at how this can alter your perspective. You also might consider taking a personality assessment to help match you with the right educational and career path.

If you already have a keen interest in a particular career or field of study, you might look for an opportunity to “job shadow” someone who works in that area. It’s a great way to actually participate in a day in the life of someone in that position and gain practical insight into what’s involved.

At BC3 we have an outstanding array of resources available to students in our Academic Center for Enrichment. Our advisors are happy to meet with you to help you choose the right major and introduce you to some fantastic career resources. You can utilize our career exploration tool, Focus 2, to explore potential majors and careers that would be a good fit for your interest, personality, abilities and values.  Learn more.

For those starting at BC3 this fall, your journey will begin in a few months.  Between now and then, please know that we are here to help you every step of the way.  Please contact these offices should you need any assistance:

-Jerry Johnston, Admissions Representative and Business Relations