Study Tips

“How do I study…let me count the ways” (with apologies to E.B.Browning)

“If you want to dance, you have to pay the band”, so goes the old saying. Well at BC3 or in any other academic endeavor for that matter; if you want to succeed you have to study. It’s just common sense right?

There are mountains of study tips out there to scale and even the experts do not agree on every aspect of the process. However, we would like to share a few thoughts on how to get ready for your college experience as it relates to studying and course preparation. Some of the common prescriptions for healthy study habits are as follows:

Dr. Stephanie Sarkis wrote an article for Psychology Today in which she outlined 50 general tips for students to help ensure a happy and successful college career. Here are a few of our favorites:

You can find the entire article here.

You might also wish to check out the following as well:

For those who started this fall, congratulations, your journey is underway. Know that we are here to help you every step of the way. Please contact these offices should you need any assistance. Good luck to you all!

-Jerry Johnston, Admissions Representative/Business Relations