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Meet the Financial Aid Staff

Hey, we've all been there. Every employee in the Financial Aid Office was and/or is a student. We have all played the balancing act of research papers, family life, and finances. Our goal is to use our own experiences to offer the best services to you...our students.

Julianne Louttit - Director of Financial Aid

I began working in Financial Aid while I was attending LaRoche College, as a student participating in the Federal Work-Study Program.  My first job after graduation was at Point Park College in the Financial Aid Department.  I then worked at Computer Tech Proprietary School in Financial Aid, and now have been at BC3 for 17 years in the Financial Aid Office.  In 2010, I completed my master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College.

Stella Smith - Associate Director of Financial Aid

I started BC3 in 1987 as a student and participated in the work-study program.  In 1988,  I was  hired as a full-time secretary in the Financial Aid Office. I graduated with an associate’s degree in 1990.  In 1998 I became the Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Coordinator.  As of January 2007, I was promoted to Associate Director of Financial Aid/Veteran’s Coordinator.  I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree through Franklin University.

Kimberlee Matthews - Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Aa an employee of BC3 since July of 2005, I have held several different positions until coming to the Financial Aid Office in 2013.  I earned a Business Management degree from BC3, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Geneva College, and I am currently pursing a Master’s in Higher Education Degree from Duquesne University.  I was a non-traditional college student, starting my first degree at almost 30 years old, I juggle multiple roles as a wife, mother, employee, and college student.  My door is always open to students. 

Jennifer Dumbaugh - Financial Aid Assistant

I graduated from BC3 in 2001 with an associate's degree in Office Administration.  I worked as a secretary at a local middle school for six years and was hired in the Financial Aid Office in May 2007.

Suzanne Simon - Financial Aid Assistant

I began working for BC3 in 2008 with the KEYS and Act 101 Programs.  I have been with the Financial Aid Office since September 2009. Prior to coming to Main Campus, I worked with BC3 students at the Lawrence County Learning Center.

Karen Grossman - Financial Aid Secretary

I began working in Financial Aid as a work-study student. After graduating from BC3 in 1993, I worked briefly in a grant program before being hired by the Financial Aid Office. Including my time as a work-study, I have been in Financial Aid almost 16 years.