BC3 EZ Pay

Tuition Payment Plan

BC3 EZ-Pay payment plan is designed to make the College's quality education even more accessible and affordable for our students. Here is how to enroll in a payment plan that meets your financial needs. BC3 EZ-Pay payment plan gives students convenient and manageable payment options.

Fall 2022

Students must be registered for classes to enroll in a plan. Payment plan enrollment requires a checking account or credit card and must be done online. No payment plans offered after August 25, 2022.

All registrations after August 25, 2022, must either pay in full or have approved financial aid that covers tuition and fees at the time of registration.

Early Bird Plan

Enroll April 5, 2022 through July 28, 2022 and there is no fee. Payments automatically deducted from checking or credit card.

Payments due:

  • 1st payment: 30% of balance deducted September 1, 2022.
  • 2nd payment: 35% of balance deducted October 4, 2022.
  • 3rd payment: 35% of balance deducted November 1, 2022.

Standard Plan

Enroll starting July 29, 2022 through August 25, 2022. There is a $25 fee. Payments automatically deducted from checking or credit card.

Payments due:

  • 1st payment: 50% of balance deducted on October 4, 2022.
  • 2nd payment: 50% of balance deducted on November 1, 2022.

Enroll starting January, 31, 2022. There is a $25 fee, due at the time of enrollment in the Summer 2022 Plan. Payments automatically deducted from checking or credit card.

Payments due:

  • 1st payment: 50% of balance deducted on June 1, 2022.
  • 2nd payment: 50% of balance deducted on July 6, 2022.

No Summer 2022 Payment Plans offered after May 6, 2022.

Here's how to enroll

Login to the  MyBC3 Student Portal and carefully follow these step by step instructions:

BC3 EZ-Pay Payment Plan Setup Instructions (pdf)

Parents and Authorized Users

  • Students should authorize parents, guardians, spouses, or others as their Authorized Users in BC3 EZ-Pay. Authorized Users will receive a courtesy email each time a new eBill is posted to a students’ account. They also can view current account details, enroll in payment plans, and make online payments.BC3 strongly suggests that if you have someone else responsible for paying your tuition you should set them up as authorized users! 
  • Authorized users can
    • View current account details
    • Enroll in payment plans
    • Make online payments

The College supports students’ rights to privacy under FERPA Act of 1974. Therefore, we cannot discuss students’ bills, account details, or payment plans with anyone except students’ Authorized Users.

Creating Authorized Users

IMPORTANT- You will need the email address of your Authorized User before you begin.

  • Go to MyBC3 Portal (Student Portal).
  •  Click on the BC3 EZ-PAY link under the Account Info/Pay Bill part of the Portal Self Service Menu.
  • Choose AUTHORIZED USER TAB to follow instructions.

Other Facts About BC3 EZ-Pay

  • Available Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Non-Credit Courses are not eligible for a payment plan.
  • A $20.00 late payment charge will be added each time your account is not paid by your due date.
  • Once you have enrolled in a payment plan, you are responsible for the balance unless you drop within the College's refund period.  
  • If you fail to make payments as scheduled, the College has the right to place a restriction on your account to limit future College services and demand that payment be made in full.
  • If you default on your payments, you may not be able to obtain this payment plan next semester. 
  • If you drop any classes after the refund period please keep in mind that you will still owe any balances due to the College.
  • For questions, please email studentaccounts@bc3.edu or call 724-287-8711 X8001.